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Accordion Thai Tote

Accordion Thai Tote

$ 86.95

Embroidered and appliqued cotton tote with beaded toggle drawstring enclosure. Cotton lining.

How do you define Vintage?
Although, by definition, our vintage has been coveted by someone before you…we are very careful with regard to the quality of our selection. There may be some sign of age…but that just adds to the charm. Many of these items, such as some of the hand made items from India…you just will not see again!

Country of Origin: Thailand
Attention to detail! This beautifully decorated Tote measures approximately 16" by 19". It features a mix of tapestry, embroidery, beading and applique. Outter fabric is cotton and the inner lining is black poyester with an inner zippered pocket and a zippered closure.

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