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BohoLani, is Bohemian heaven. Boho, being short for bohemian, and associated with fashion.
Bohemian: A person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. Lani translates to heaven in the Hawaiian language.
1. the abode of God, the angels, and the spirits of the righteous after death; the place or state of existence of the blessed after the mortal life.
2. the celestial powers; God.
When she placed her message in the bottle, and sent it out into her sea of dreams, she had no idea what may come to be.  She wished upon a sparkling star, and prayed from deep within her heart, as she sat at the alter in her boudoir. Each moon she danced in candlelight and moonlit meadows. She stroked the genies lamp, of her mind. One bright shining, sun kissed day the vision came. Clear, still, pure, water! Crystallized: the gypsy jangles, bits and bobbles, puzzle pieced into a perfect shrine! A tapestry of glistening gold, at last! All that she loved, could finally be shared! Aha! Aho! And then it was so. BohoLani became!

BohoLani is intended to serve you, as an inspirational lifestyle portal~ Providing Bohemian~Glamour~Rocker~Chic fashion. As well as music, musings and vibrant living tips. Won’t you join us on this magic carpet ride of bliss?

BohoLani was founded by Isis Rose, and her beautiful Mother, Tami Grace. Tami always sewed and gardened, growing up in Hawai’i. Then raising Isis in the Redwood forest of northern California. They lived a bohemian lifestyle, surrounded by nature, and always creating art. Tami owned a sewing shop. So, Isis grew up swimming in colors patterns and textures. As a child Isis would draw a dream design, such as the ultimate princess dress. Tami would stitch Isis’ dream into reality. Their creative endeavors grew into a desire to share their visions, support female artisans from around the globe, and inspire! 

The women strive to connect the consumer to the origins of their products, and who they’re created by. BohoLani also offers their very own signature line, containing designs of exceptional beauty and noteworthy detail. The website features a carefully curated collection of vintage items as well.

For those who relish in having one of a kind pieces. Isis and Tami take great care to learn the layers of all of the items they sell, enabling their customers to feel connected to their purchases in a way that is uncommon in today’s mass-produced retail environment. Let us heal this planet one purchase at a time.

Boholani proudly supports many female artisans to continue to create their traditional crafts, and joyously donates a portion of their proceeds to multiple women's empowerment organizations. We humbly thank you for your support.


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