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Isis Rose launched BohoLani, a lifestyle brand created for women by women. BohoLani caters to free spirited women, that seek freedom of expression. A BohoLani woman is bold, beautiful, and worldly with an air of elegance and a rocker’s edge.  

Isis grew up in the Redwood forest of Northern California, with her British rock n’ roll Father, and her beautiful, artistic, Hawaiian native, Mother. Her childhood was enveloped by nature, worldwide travels, and swimming in colorful textiles in her mother’s custom sewing shop. A designer by nature, Isis began sketching her dream wardrobe as a little girl and Tami would stitch her dreams into reality, eventually teaching her the craft. Their creative endeavors eventually grew into a desire to share their vision of beauty with the world, and thus BohoLani was born. The name BohoLani translates into Bohemian Heaven.
Isis initially realized their brand around a small house-designed line but quickly expanded to curate a collection that incorporated exclusive pieces from a variety of independent designers who shared their vision.
BohoLani is now an online lifestyle space, a community, created to inspire all who discover it. The website is stocked with clothing, shoes, accessories and homewares, made to offer something unique to women who have that “special something” that sets them apart from the crowd. The BohoLani woman is confident, and strong but more importantly, she knows who she is. 

The whimsical brand is based in California with offices in the San Francisco Bay area as well as Los Angeles. The collection is sourced globally. Isis and Tami, travel around the globe, to discover pieces and artisans who speak to the BohoLani aesthetic. This includes establishing fair and highly ethical, positive and supportive, relationships with these artists. The boutique carries rare and select pieces from India, Thailand, Peru, Bali and the US. Each piece, has a story to tell, and a statement to make. The women strive to connect the consumer to the origins of their products, and who they’re created by. BohoLani also offers their very own signature line, containing designs of exceptional beauty and noteworthy detail. The website features a carefully curated collection of vintage items as well. For those who relish in having one of a kind pieces. Isis and Tami take great care to learn the layers of all of the items they sell, enabling their customers to feel connected to their purchases in a way that is uncommon in today’s mass-produced retail environment. Let us heal this planet one purchase at a time.

The brand is also committed to supporting female artisans around the world, and is devoted to the sentiment of fair trade style relationships. BohoLani, gives back to the global community, by donating a portion of all sales to non-profit organizations that support women’s rights. They will soon be adding to their site a special feature page, with monthly articles and images, featuring a particular female artisan/designer.
The collections prices vary and can be found exclusively at Boholani.com and soon in specialty boutiques around the world.

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