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Beaded Dream Medicine Bracelet

$ 24.95

Exquisite handcrafted beaded bracelets made with technique and patterns handed down by Peruvian artisans and medicine people for generations.The patterns are classic reflection of the heritage of the people of Peru. Small glass beads are skillfully and durably woven into rectangular bracelets that attach with shell, glass beads or seed "buttons" into beaded hoop closures.
Peruvian glass beaded bracelet with bead, seed or shell button closure.  Dimensions: Small: width is .5", measures 7.5-8" from end to end  , Medium: width is  2", measures 7-8" from end to end  , Large: width is  3", measures  7-3\4" from end to end

Width: Small, Medium, Large

Patterns: Medicine Flower, Labyrinth, Mosaic, Kaleidoscope, Spring Iris, Mariposa, Disco, Oro Rojo, Dream Lightening, Midnight Gleam

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