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Bali Bali Bali Bali Bali

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Nostalgia takes over, swallowing me whole. Now bundled in the sweet sticky rice filled air. The vibrancy of the green is hallucinatory bright kelly, and unmistakably Bali. We zip faster, as the path narrows, with the nectar of fresh juice nearly on our lips. And we arrive, at our local cafe, perched just so, as the glaring bleach white sun twinkles on the rice fields below. Our neon magenta, black seed juice hits the table. Sigh, “dragon fruit… finally!”
We slip back onto the motorbike, riding double, full wind in the hair jive happening now. Just in time to meet with one of our lovely tailors, delivering some handmade buttons. She waves at us, and we’re off! Speeding vigorously down the gloriously open road, dripping in mountainous piles of pungent durian. We stop and purchase one. Tearing the monster-like spiky skin apart into chunks, and extracting the succulent golden pudding nuggets. Oh it was a lovely juicy jungle moment!
Soon come, we arrive so enchantingly on time to capture the golden rays with Miss Blue, the vdub.
*BohoLani Boots, Bag and Onesie coming soon!

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