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Tis’ true. I landed smack dab in the middle of hipster heaven, bohemian dream life, and city magic! On a whim, with a dream, I left the countryside of Northern California. I skipped on over to the big city.

 I moved to this area a few months ago, and it has treated me oh so well. Therefore, I figured I’d give a shout out. Why? Well because in a crazy concrete maze, such as Los Angeles, to discover a gem of a community, is something worth celebrating! I am enamored with the plethora of vintage shops, juice bars, record stores, and yoga studios to boot. It’s a modern bohemian dream.

It’s incredibly diverse, colorful and entertaining. Street art splashed on every surface, and there are even pockets of nature. You heard me correctly, NATURE! A perfect start to a SilverLake day: grab a cup of tea, some fresh fruit at the farmers market, and take a stroll at Griffith Park with the hound. My favorite juice bar is the Nature Well, I order the face melter, or the acai bowl.


Absolute heaven for the mouth. There is so much goodness to be had and discovered in this little pocket of culture and used book stores. It has a rock n’ roll vibe about it. Art exhibits are plentiful, not to mention coconut milk ice cream at Urth juice bar! YUM! So ladies, gents I encourage you to discover the magic for yourself.
Ciao ~*~ Isis Rose


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