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Lima Lemons and Gypsy Jangles

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 Lima Lemons and Gypsy Jangles

Pranced about the South American city of Lima, and certainly stumbled upon some treasures. It’s true that the goodness is just below the surface, and when you dust a little, you’ll find it. One thing we love about Lima, and Peru generally, is, all around you’ll see old colonial mosaic tiling.

I love the walls of geometric patterns in faded 70’s color schemes. It gives Peruvian cities a certain something.
You know in cities you love, there’s always that certain something.

Well, Lima has a ceviche flavor with a side of lucuma juice, if you will. Sweet with a touch o’ tang and citrus. No shortage of exotic fruits and fusion restaurants!

From the vibrant flowers in the market place, homemade creamy coconut popsicles, to the endless shops of ridiculously colorful handmade crafts…

  We love Lima! It’s a head on collision of old meets new. A concept and style, we treasure! We cannot wait to share the incredibly magical vintage finds! Next up Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, stay tuned…
xoxo Isis Rose
“So I’m back, to the velvet underground Back to the floor, that I love To a room with some lace and pAper flowers Back to the gypsy that I was To the gypsy… that I was And it all comes down to you Well, you know that it does “ – Fleetwood Mac

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