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Atop A World of Wonder

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 Simply STUNNING! As we wandered round’ the smooth stone walls, and glided up the huge steps, water trickled below our feet. The Incas were famous for these lovely, immaculately designed water ways. Guiding water down, around and under this massive place. Allowing it to reach every nook and cranny. Llamas meander freely, nibbling on the bright kelly green colored grass. 
It’s a bit of a dream to be so high, in the sky. Situated above the clouds, time seems to dissolve completely. A place to daydream and get lost. I lay on the grassy knolls, allowing my mind to wander, and became swallowed gently by the mystery.



 How did this past civilization, of such small people, carry these incredibly large stones? And how were they mapping the stars so accurately? One thing I know for sure is, it is a place of magic! You just feel it, in the, very thin air~*~
Until we meet again… xoxo
Wearing: Rajasthani Vest

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