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Australia: Gold Coast & Golden Horizons

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    It feels sometimes like a waking dream, to be in a place one has never been. To see all anew is something to live for. Cruising down the coastline, rambling down the open road. There are infinitely wild and strange adventures to be had. Australia is place of great beauty, made up of contrasting burnt orange desert sands and aqua blue waves. A day in the sun is well paid. It’s powerful heat, beats down on the skin, and bronzes and browns every inch. This place is storybook beauty!


We woke early to seize the day. Stopping only for fruit stands, to eat tropical fruit along the way. The breeze was smooth, and the sky clear. We happened upon a quaint little Rose Rd. A magical find indeed. Green meadows and decaying farm houses as far as the eyes could see. It’s got a magic all its own, this Bellenden. Small shops, and more greenery than humans. 



    We bought some fruit and ate our fresh cooked fish, caught on the bay the night prior. Basking on the beach all day and exploring the afternoon away. In the nooks, there exists such profound beauty. The lushness of the land is so vibrant it speaks a unique story!
~Blessings, xoxo Isis Rose~ 
(Boots Isis is wearing coming soon!)


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