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  • Bali Bali Bali Bali Bali

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    Nostalgia takes over, swallowing me whole. Now bundled in the sweet sticky rice filled air. The vibrancy of the green is hallucinatory bright kelly, and unmistakably Bali. We zip faster, as the path narrows, with the nectar of fresh juice nearly on our lips. And we arrive, at our local cafe, perched just so, as the glaring bleach white sun twinkles on the rice fields below. Our neon magenta, black seed juice hits the table. Sigh, “dragon fruit… finally!”
    We slip back onto the motorbike, riding double, full wind in the hair jive happening now. Just in time to meet with one of our lovely tailors, delivering some handmade buttons. She waves at us, and we’re off! Speeding vigorously down the gloriously open road, dripping in mountainous piles of pungent durian. We stop and purchase one. Tearing the monster-like spiky skin apart into chunks, and extracting the succulent golden pudding nuggets. Oh it was a lovely juicy jungle moment!
    Soon come, we arrive so enchantingly on time to capture the golden rays with Miss Blue, the vdub.
    *BohoLani Boots, Bag and Onesie coming soon!
  • Australia: Gold Coast & Golden Horizons

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        It feels sometimes like a waking dream, to be in a place one has never been. To see all anew is something to live for. Cruising down the coastline, rambling down the open road. There are infinitely wild and strange adventures to be had. Australia is place of great beauty, made up of contrasting burnt orange desert sands and aqua blue waves. A day in the sun is well paid. It’s powerful heat, beats down on the skin, and bronzes and browns every inch. This place is storybook beauty!
    We woke early to seize the day. Stopping only for fruit stands, to eat tropical fruit along the way. The breeze was smooth, and the sky clear. We happened upon a quaint little Rose Rd. A magical find indeed. Green meadows and decaying farm houses as far as the eyes could see. It’s got a magic all its own, this Bellenden. Small shops, and more greenery than humans. 
        We bought some fruit and ate our fresh cooked fish, caught on the bay the night prior. Basking on the beach all day and exploring the afternoon away. In the nooks, there exists such profound beauty. The lushness of the land is so vibrant it speaks a unique story!
    ~Blessings, xoxo Isis Rose~ 
    (Boots Isis is wearing coming soon!)
  • Atop A World of Wonder

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     Simply STUNNING! As we wandered round’ the smooth stone walls, and glided up the huge steps, water trickled below our feet. The Incas were famous for these lovely, immaculately designed water ways. Guiding water down, around and under this massive place. Allowing it to reach every nook and cranny. Llamas meander freely, nibbling on the bright kelly green colored grass. 
    It’s a bit of a dream to be so high, in the sky. Situated above the clouds, time seems to dissolve completely. A place to daydream and get lost. I lay on the grassy knolls, allowing my mind to wander, and became swallowed gently by the mystery.



     How did this past civilization, of such small people, carry these incredibly large stones? And how were they mapping the stars so accurately? One thing I know for sure is, it is a place of magic! You just feel it, in the, very thin air~*~
    Until we meet again… xoxo
    Wearing: Rajasthani Vest
  • Lima Lemons and Gypsy Jangles

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     Lima Lemons and Gypsy Jangles

    Pranced about the South American city of Lima, and certainly stumbled upon some treasures. It’s true that the goodness is just below the surface, and when you dust a little, you’ll find it. One thing we love about Lima, and Peru generally, is, all around you’ll see old colonial mosaic tiling. 

    I love the walls of geometric patterns in faded 70’s color schemes. It gives Peruvian cities a certain something.
    You know in cities you love, there’s always that certain something. 

    Well, Lima has a ceviche flavor with a side of lucuma juice, if you will. Sweet with a touch o’ tang and citrus. No shortage of exotic fruits and fusion restaurants! 

    From the vibrant flowers in the market place, homemade creamy coconut popsicles, to the endless shops of ridiculously colorful handmade crafts…

      We love Lima! It’s a head on collision of old meets new. A concept and style, we treasure! We cannot wait to share the incredibly magical vintage finds! Next up Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, stay tuned… 
    xoxo Isis Rose
    “So I’m back, to the velvet underground Back to the floor, that I love To a room with some lace and pAper flowers Back to the gypsy that I was To the gypsy… that I was And it all comes down to you Well, you know that it does “ – Fleetwood Mac
  • Enchanted

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  • Bon Voyage

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    Bon Voyage Boho Beauties~
    As the cold creeps over and nudges us all to curl up fireside, a cup of cinnamon apple spice tea, and a viscerally majestic read, sounds like a recipe for success.  It’s the spirit of Autumn in full effect! So bust out the boots, break out the oversize bags, and throw on your cozies. Not the case for this gypsy.

    BohoLani’s Isis Rose, preps for an international adventure. A journey of bright colors, textures and cultures. I’ll be bringing back more Bohemian~Glamour~ Gypsy Gems and Jangles, to weave into the tapestry of  life inspiration, that is: BohoLani. Our next blogs will be sent with love from Peru! Starting in the Amazon, then Cuzco, and onward from the peaks of Machu Picchu. Getting so excited for this wild adventure! From the Basin to the Andes. We will be working with indigenous, Shipibo artisans, purchasing fair-trade woven fabrics, to be sewn into one-of-a-kind pieces. 

      Supporting women to create beauty through the arts is a fundamental and integral part of the vision of BohoLani. Prepping for travel now. On a journey such as this, I’ll be taking light weight clothes to layer, comfy boots and a day bag. Essentials. The Sweet Casual Henley will be perfect!
                                      ~ On that note off to pack. xoxo Isis Rose~
     “Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac
     “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  – Jawaharial Nehru
  • SilverLake: The Silver Lining

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    Tis’ true. I landed smack dab in the middle of hipster heaven, bohemian dream life, and city magic! On a whim, with a dream, I left the countryside of Northern California. I skipped on over to the big city.

     I moved to this area a few months ago, and it has treated me oh so well. Therefore, I figured I’d give a shout out. Why? Well because in a crazy concrete maze, such as Los Angeles, to discover a gem of a community, is something worth celebrating! I am enamored with the plethora of vintage shops, juice bars, record stores, and yoga studios to boot. It’s a modern bohemian dream.

    It’s incredibly diverse, colorful and entertaining. Street art splashed on every surface, and there are even pockets of nature. You heard me correctly, NATURE! A perfect start to a SilverLake day: grab a cup of tea, some fresh fruit at the farmers market, and take a stroll at Griffith Park with the hound. My favorite juice bar is the Nature Well, I order the face melter, or the acai bowl.

    Absolute heaven for the mouth. There is so much goodness to be had and discovered in this little pocket of culture and used book stores. It has a rock n’ roll vibe about it. Art exhibits are plentiful, not to mention coconut milk ice cream at Urth juice bar! YUM! So ladies, gents I encourage you to discover the magic for yourself.
    Ciao ~*~ Isis Rose

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